Preventive action
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October 2020

Preventive action

By Carsten Paulun
The transformation toward e-mobility doesn’t stop at the gates of the spare parts market. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is gearing up for the demands of tomorrow.

The key question is: what spare parts and services will still be needed in the future? Even though hybrid and battery-electric vehicles – irrespective of their type of powertrain – only become relevant to the independent aftermarket at an age of more than five years, Schaeff­ler’s Automotive Aftermarket business unit is gearing up now to serve coming needs: it’s the first supplier to offer a repair kit – even before 48-volt hybrids start hitting the garages for routine repairs.

48-V hybrid powertrain systems

deliver 7 % better fuel economy compared to a conventional IC engine.

Source: Schaeffler

On 48-V hybrids, the conventional alternator is replaced by a belt-driven starter-generator – a so-called PO architecture. While switching from the charge phase to the boost phase, the direction of the belt drive’s torque is reversed. In addition, this directional change and the higher output of the generator result in higher loads acting on the V-ribbed belt, bearings and other components. Therefore, the INA FEAD KIT repair solution (FEAD = Front End Auxiliary Drive) for 48-V hybrids developed by Schaeffler additionally includes a decoupling tensioner and a pulley decoupler to absorb these special loads in the auxiliary component drive. This makes it possible for garages to perform fast and professional repairs in the event of damage to the auxiliary component drive.

More electrical output

The 48-volt mild-hybrid technology opens up new opportunities: while the conventional alternator is a simple generator of electricity, the FEAD system morphs into a bi-directional energy supplier.

Preventive action© Schaeffler

Conventional alternator
Output approx. 2 kW
Torque approx. 7 Nm

Preventive action

Belt-driven starter generator (BSG)
Output approx. 15 kW
Torque approx. 50 Nm

Schaeffler solutions
  • 1 The belt-driven starter generator (BSG)replaces the starter and the alternator ...
    1 The belt-driven starter generator (BSG)
    replaces the starter and the alternator, assists the IC engine in starting (“boosting”) and allows the car to coast when the IC engine is completely turned off 2 The de-coupling tensioner aka ring tensioner: using a bow spring and two tensioner pulleys, it provides the required tension and damping of the V-ribbed belt in both directions of the force flow © Schaeffler
  • 1 The bearingsof the pulley decoupler have to resist the higher torque requireme ...
    1 The bearings
    of the pulley decoupler have to resist the higher torque requirements of the 48-volt hybrid system 2 The pulley decoupler sits directly on the crankshaft, absorbs the vibrations of the IC engine by means of bow spring elements and reduces the loads acting on all components in the auxiliary drive © Schaeffler
  • 1 Auxiliary component,e.g. an air conditioning compressor, lubricant pump or bra ...
    1 Auxiliary component,
    e.g. an air conditioning compressor, lubricant pump or brake booster 2 All belts are not created equal: the FEAD version is not a conventional V-ribbed belt but a wider 48-V belt with fiber-reinforced tension cords © Schaeffler
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